Sunday, July 4, 2010


So another good day was had by all.

A group of us:

Sara,  Jack G., Cole, Ricky, Raquel, Christian, Revonda, Beth V.,  Savanna, & Jessica P.  Headed to the Museum in town....we warned them all it would be an interesting experience and it did not disappoint.
We played with the monkeys out back and waded in the river fed by a natural stream to cool off afterward. We also stopped by the grave of William Walker (look him up...interesting Trujillo history.  Perhaps I should offer a prize to who finds out first who he was and why his death is significant to Trujillo and Honduras....hmmmmmm)
Anyway.....then we stopped by a local grocery store so I could get a few supplies for an afternoon activity.
Of course seeing things like that and just experiencing the culture here can be fun...the trip ended for some by a fully cultural experience....piling into a taxi.  Jack, Cole, Sara, Savanna, Jessica and Revonda all piledi into a little bitty cab and headed back up the mountain.

Another group:
Tom, Jack V, Bruce, Julie, Walter, Leigh and Annina went back down to the school to work some more on the ceiling, lights and fans.

And the rest either went hiking in the rain forest with 'Pablo' or stayed to rest at the hotel.

After lunch, a few girls (Jessica P, Savanna, Jennifer, Beth V, Raquel B., Annina and myself) headed out here to Little Hands where we were met by 3 women from the local church.  They taught the girls how to wash clothes by hand in a 'pila'  Think washboard and huge concrete holding tank for water attached.  I have a picture a few posts back I think of my kids from behind washing their hands in one).  They got about halfway done before the rain picked up and it was just about time to go.  To treat them for their efforts I made a mango cobbler (and since I'd promised Annina one!!).  We were joined with our cobbler by Brenda Young and her crew from Washington who had just arrived and were getting settled in.  They will be here a couple of weeks working with Little Hands Big Hearts.

We had a great campaign tonight!!  I can't remember how many kids Aaron said they had in children's class tonight, I want to say 56, and that was with age limits so that it didn't include the youngest or the older kids.  Dago did a great job delivering a message on being a Christian parent in this world!

Tomorrow we will have our final campaign meeting.  'Pablo' will be taking the rental van out to pick people up early!  We will also be dividing up to eat dinner in church member's homes.

We thank you for your continued prayers and for your words of kindness!!

I pray you have a wonderful 4th of July!!!
And now what you all want.....I'm doing my best to get pictures uploaded and looking for different faces, but please please understand uploading pictures here is not at all like at home. It takes 5-10 min for each and every picture.  Last night I would click upload and then doze.....until finally I just slept too soundly to wake and click again.  I woke up this morning and that picture was still attempting to download several hours later.  ha ha ha ha!!  

Raquel (not me), Savanna, and Jessica P
working at the school.

Jeremy, Walter and Daddy (aka Jack) at the school

Laura, Kenzie, and Annina
(3 states represented in this picture!!!)
preparing the children's Bible lessons for the campaign

Left to Right
Barbara, a tiny bit of MaryKyle, Jennifer, Katee Jo, Sara, and Jessica G
doing some hard HOT work on "The Great Wall"

Bruce, Tom, Katee Jo, Jack, Cole, Jessica G, and Beth Ann enjoying some down time at the hotel
(again 3 states represented in this picture)

Katie C taking advantage of a little downtime and a cool breeze to update her journal

Tim cutting out an elephant trunk in preparation for children's Bible class.
Seen in the background:  Leigh, Aaron and Roxanna (the teacher her at Little Hands)


Bryan Kirby said...

It looks like you are all have a great time, and the wall look GOOD! Give our love to all! Look forward to seeing you again real soon!


BoGray said...

I did not know the William Walker story so I just Googled his name and it is a very good story. We are very proud of all of you for the good work you are doing and are looking forward to your return and a complete update on the trip. Lots of prayers being offered for all of you for your work, well being, and for a safe journey home.


Abby Bedford said...

I'm sure the people of Trujillo feel so blessed that y'all are willing to serve them. Keep up the good work...I will read this blog and keep everyone in my prayers!!!
Abby Bedford

Angie said...

Thank you Rachel for your updated messages and pics!!! They are'll never know how very much these are appreciated!! Continued prayers and love your way.
Happy 4th of July to you all!!! Miss and love you guys..
Angie P

Teri Z said...

Happy Firecracker Day! Guess you probably aren't doing that down there. Bruce and Julie, I talked to James at potluck this morning-he's doing well- said he really missed not being down there working with ya'll. I guess Scott left for LA on Tues, so James is holding down the fort. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Love seeing the pictures. You're all in our prayers. love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

We have never been down there, but very much support all that you-all are doing. If our old bodies could be of any help, we would love to join looks like you all work well together, and seem to be having fun together, was almost empty today, so we all thought about you and miss you very much in big B.R.
Love and prayers...Bill & Bernie Mills

Anonymous said...

Let Freedom Ring!
Happy Independence Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th! I barely made it... just an hour left here in AL!
Kevin, we went to the Braggs... it's just beautiful. I can't wait to take you back. You would have loved it! Ockay and Steve and Steven decided to all swim underwater to the other end of the pool (40 ft). They all said go and dove in and Steve and Steven took off for the other end and Ockay popped straight back up... he'd forgot his glasses were on his face and they immediately went to the bottom of the pool! We all just laughed at him! He couldn't look for them because he couldn't see without them... poor guy... :)
Enjoy your last few days. I know you'll be missing it when you're home and ready to go back. (with me!) :)
love you...

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to share the stories & pics with you! Praise the Lord for what He is doing in Honduras!!! Thank you for joining Him in it & for being willing vessels to share His love & truths!

Love-Jessica Flowers