Friday, March 6, 2009

February report

Trujillo, February 20 of 2009

February Report

Dear Sponsors:
Incredibly, we already finished the second month of the year and we shared with each of the many students. On February 6th we met each employee of the school and many details are planned for the benefit of students and management of the school year. Wanted good classroom management, discipline, methodology, projects for school computers, and seek the cooperation of parents and in this way contribute to a quality education and care for the Trujillo population.

We have completed the purchase of several seats (desks) for students fourth grade and fifth grade, some still are pending. Teacher Waldina plans to change a few sheets (on the tin roof) of the eighth grade and at the same time placing ceiling roof (several of the classrooms currently have no ceiling, just open rafters) for more comfort in the classroom that is now approaching the summer months.
We are adding new employees at the school to continue with the idea, vision, love, and dedication to each child and who understand the mission of supporting with their skills. They are; Alma Nora Maradiaga, who is in charge of Mathematics classes, Franklyn Valladares, in charge as watchman, landscaping, and many work in the school, is he the son of our dear brother in Christ and a former employee Vicente Valladares, who for reasons of health stopped working with the school. Besides to mention as each year, we start on February 9th the devotional for teachers and administrative staff at the school. Every Monday this activity is to help and strengthen our spiritual life, knowledge and clear up questions for those new employees who are just beginning to know the Bible. In the previous year we have obtained good results with the baptism of new employees who have joined the institution and those who remain faithful in the church of The Lord. All the above is still possible through the kindness of brothers in the United States. Honduras since our gratitude and prayers for rich and abundant blessings every day for every sponsor, brother and friend with love, vision, mission, is in their hearts the desire to help many children, brothers and sisters in the churches and employees to conduct a work of spreading the Gospel in Honduras.
In the love of Jesus Christ.

Your brother in Christ,

Emilson Paz

Gracias, por ayuda!!

a few new desks for some teacher's at the school who needed them!

"Gracias ..por ayuda" (Thank you for the help!) the teacher's said. They are excited to get new desks to store their materials, etc!
We appreciate each sponsor's help in making things like this a reality through your help and support of the school!