Saturday, July 3, 2010

Need some help!

okay so it's come to my attention that the blog address was put in the Goodwood Church's bulletin incorrectly.  The Goodwood folks would love to have messages from home as well.
I have no contact info for anyone at Goodwood here at my house and will not have the modem with me at the hotel with the group today.
Is there anyone out there that can help me out and get a message to some folks at Goodwood that can pass the blog address along.....

Laura or Phil perhaps??  or if you are reading this and know someone that worships with that congregation....please help!!

These team members love your messages of encouragement...whether they know you or not.  They also love hearing messages from home (don't worry you can't leave too many and completely embarrass your kid or loved one...they are all appreciated).

Thank you so much!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello to Dad (Tom) and the group from Goodwood. I will make sure Ms. Peggy has to correct blog address tomorrow. We are so proud of the work you all are doing in Honduras. We are praying for you daily and cannot wait to hear all of your stories when you return.

To Tom (Dad, aka Papa): Norah has been noo-noo free for 3 days!!! We are going to build-a-bear today for a special treat. We miss you so much and cannot wait to see you!

Lots of love to you all!


Bryan Kirby said...

Hello to all the folks from Goodwood in Trujillo! We finally found the blog address! The pictures are great and I pray that you are all safe and having a wonderful time! Say "hi" to everyone, including Revonda and Jessica for me, Rebecca and Dustin!

Love you all!