Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!!

The stars and stripes were flying in Trujillo today to honor the US.
If you didn't know, Trujillo was the first capital of Honduras.  So the US had an embassy here at that time.  Of course, the capital is now in 'Teguc' and the embassy is not here, but on the old beautiful bldg that was once the embassy many years ago they flew an American flag today in honor of the 4th of July. So cool!!

And really...what's the 4th without ice cream?  It wasn't homemade (boo-hoo)  but we did enjoy it immensely!  A few of us did get homemade liquados (like a milk shake or closer perhaps to an orange julius).  Not sure, but I think mostly all who did got mango....YUMMO!!  One of my favorites.

We had a super end to our campaign this morning!!  Another HUGE crowd!  Ricky did an amazing job (not a bit of surprise there) speaking about Our Christian family, the Church (Dago's last night was on raising a Christian family).

We also went to families houses for dinner.  We mostly divided up into 2's or 3's.  I haven't heard a single person who didn't have an amazing time and just love it!!  It was fun listening to all the stories.

Candido and Wendy came to the hotel after dinner.  Candido was dressed to swim, but Wendy looked gorgeous, as always, and was fully clothed.
Long story short, she and Jennifer Mills (GA) ended up jumping into the pool together both fully clothed and joining all those in the pool for races and a game of Pollo Frito (think Marco Polo).  It was a super fun night!!

Hope you had a blessed 4th as well!!!

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