Saturday, July 3, 2010

a few pictures

I'm attempting to load some pictures, but wow is it challenging!!  I'll keep trying as I have time though so hopefully more of you can spot your loved ones!!  By the way, if you don't know, you should be able to click on the pictures and make them larger.  If you want to spot more gringos you'll especially have to in the first picture!!

This was before more came in tonight at our 'campaign'.  It was a great crowd!!!  
Can't wait to see tonight and tomorrow!!

Friends and brothers.  These two hit if off 3 years ago....and nothing has changed!
It's great to see them together again!

At 'the wall' We've joked about having t-shirts made up or to signify 
"I've been to the wall...and survived"
 Notice the angle at which everyone working on 'the wall' must stand while working.  Now imagine those stones wet with the soapy water you are using to scrub it with....this is the first crew that headed to the wall the first day.   The wall is now clean and pink!!  


Anonymous said...

It's SOOOOO good to see your happy faces!! ALL of you!! Thank you, "Raquel" for the effort that it took... it was very worth it on our end! :)
I can spot Laura every time because of her new cute haircut! How's my other friend Raquel and Jennifer (and Jeremy :))? Are you surviving having your babies so far away? I know your hearts are hurting and happy at the same time... :) Hang in there, soon and very soon... (insert singing)
Jack and Cole, you made your Mama's day when you called! She was on cloud nine! (you too, Ricky!)
How are my girls? Katie, Jess, Savanna, Melissa? Going to have nice calluses to show off? :)
MK, Tessa was looking hard for you when she saw JM... not yet, I told her... soon...
Jack and Beth, I know you are enjoying your family... hope you're having a good time!
Christian, are you glad you went? Kevin just knew you would love it!

And now my Kev... It was so good to see your pic. The whole crew came running to crowd around the laptop... Tessa and Isaac stayed up playing Halo with Steven and Holly and Derek went to bed early! Go figure! You should see Isaac playing it now... you'd be amazed!
Miss you... counting down the days...

love you all...
Chaney and kiddos

Anonymous said...

so good to see all your sweet faces just wondering is there a sweet Katie Carver in the bunch her parents and brother and sister Titan and of course Checkers and all the people that completely sponsored her trip would love to see her face and what groups she has been in, Thanks Is she camera shy or just quiet? hah