Friday, February 20, 2009

School's back in session!

The rainy season has ended and we've begun another school year. Yes, that's right, if you aren't familiar the school year in Honduras runs from February - November. So just as we are looking forward to spring break and the summer to follow, they have just begun another school year!
Just as a brief update we got word about two weeks ago that they had just finally got a metal bridge up between Trujillo and Tocoa to replace the one that was washed away by the flooding.
below you will find a report from Emilson, the administrator at the school. We hope to be able to post a monthly report going forward. Thank you for all of your help and support for the school!

January Report

Dear Sponsors:

As every year it is a privilege to begin with the blessing of our Lord and Father, because without the help of the creator may not be so many wonders in our lives as is the work of the school in Trujillo, which has been of great blessing for many children for more than 16 years when operations start in teaching and education to every Christian in our small community. It has been very blessed the unconditional support of each of the sponsors every year and they have the goodness in their hearts to continue helping the school.

Each year this is no exception since last November I had a lot of work in order to leave school and also prepare uniforms for each following year. Part of December and January is to make contributions and the respective purchases of materials for uniforms for students and has been a month of hard work for me (Emilson Paz), and I have to constantly travel to the city of San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba to make further purchases of office supplies and have a 100% performance of the school. All this is possible thanks to each sponsor with their valuable contribution we make monthly for each child in the school received with great joy and a blessing pants, shirt, shoe, etc. to make it easy to both secular and spiritual education which is very important to train men and women who serve the Lord in a not far future. Classes begin next February 02th in which we expect around 320 or more students.

The teaching and administrative staff began the arduous task of registering each student and to prepare the building for everyone to have a proper place, nice and will receive their lessons. In addition we're very proud to support the community of Trujillo and thanks to the goodwill of the brothers and friends in the United States who make a chain of love and contribution.

Thank you very much to each member of the Churches of Christ in the US who make our educational and spiritual ... as children, adults, and individuals have received the gospel through the school for many years and continue this work to sow seed of the Word of God in every heart. Our prayers for each day that this year does not tell the news as a difficult year..... We do not believe that God pours rich spiritual and material blessings to their children with love and fidelity who do his work on the earth.

with all my love and dedication to the school, church, family and friends.

In Christ,

Emilson Paz.