Monday, July 5, 2010

Charlton cleaning the "Great Wall"  

Antonio...with the bees nest that was cleaned off the wall in the prep work.  

Beach Clean up

Melissa working at the school

Kevin leading singing at the Limonal congregation

MaryKyle playing the flour game at the youth devotional

I just kept meaning to upload a better picture of our iguana friend
so thought I'd go on and do it!!

Currently we have people at the hotel preparing for a festival that Bruce and Julie are heading up for the school children today.  We also have a group of volunteers down at the wall giving it a 2nd coat and working on the columns .
We also have a small group finishing work at the Mision del Caribe congregation with Santiago.  
Also some at the school finishing the paintings for the sponsors, and another small group doing their best to finish the ceiling, wiring and fans at the school.  
Our last day will be filled to the brim!  
After lunch we go out with other Christians to distribute the clothes to families that live on the mountain.

And then....a special treat for the ladies tonight.....
one of the teachers from the school is coming up to the hotel and giving pedicures, no doubt while the guys play in the pool!!  
A fun ending to an amazing trip!!

We thank you again for sharing your loved ones with us.  Without them so much work could never have been accomplished.  So truly....THANK YOU!!!


Teri Z said...

Well, I guess your time in Trujillo is coming to an end. From following this blog, it looks to have been an amazing time! Thanks to all of you for the work you have done there. Now I'm praying for safe travel home for everyone. See you, Kenzie, on Thursday in Nashville. Love and God's blessings to all, Teri

Anonymous said...

Not sure what your departing plans are, but thought I would squeeze in one more message. Praying hard for a great last couple of days as you start heading back our direction. Love you all and can't wait to hear and see you!
Kev, I'll be waiting for that first text as soon as you can turn your phone on! (if it's not dead!) Guess I'll be waiting to see you, then! :)
Love, love, love...

lkblackmon said...

News here-I will be teaching Pre-K this year!