Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Luz

(okay so this isn't Roatan, but La Ceiba but it still amazes me and power poles all over Honduras look like this 
or worse)
So we've been on Roatan since Monday around lunch time and every day the power has been out.  Monday and Tuesday it was all day.  It went off in the middle of the night Monday night and was out til after dinner time.  Today the cruise ships were in port so we hoped it might have it today and sure enough we did...til late afternoon and it's still out.   Already the beaches are desolate compared to last year.  the resorts and hotels are offering amazing deals to try to get people here and try to just keep their doors open.  So why why WHY would they decide that this is the time to do "maintenance" on the power system???? Having come from the mainland honestly it doesn't bother us too much.  Of course it's inconvenient and a little hotter. But what I say is it's still SOOOOO worth it!!  Roatan is amazing....just amazing.  And I've done none of the paid tour type things yet (maybe later in the week...we can't decide) just snorkeled and enjoyed the beauty of God's creation!!  And let me tell you....the lack of power does not matter!!  If you are looking for an amazing vacation and aren't looking to spend a fortune...I encourage you to check out coming to the bay islands!  You can fly directly here from the states...generally on Saturdays and truly there are some amazing deals on all inclusive lodging and such to be had right now!!  And at least for us, we don't care about the lack of power so much at all (plus it's only supposed to last a few days) we have hammocks and endless fruit and a nice breeze coming off the water.  We have enjoyed every single second.  Plus, our host at Keifitos has a generator.....and that's what I am using to type this right now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MaryKyle and John Mark hanging out just after coming in from a day of snorkeling on the reef!!  A GREAT day yesterday (even though all of us but John Mark...of course... got a bit toasted)

We are enjoying a lazy day on Roatan Island (The cruise ships are in port.  So might as well enjoy a lazy day and not get into that madness) So I took just a min and went back and added a very few pictures.  Others are waiting to use the modem so I will try to add some more later.  but wanted to let you all know that I will be trying to work on it over the next day or so!  

Monday, August 3, 2009

Adios to Trujillo

(evening from our balcony looking out over Trujillo)

Last night we said all of our final good-byes to our friends in Trujillo. Emilson came with his wife, children, and two of Eda's sisters and their children. They prepared baleadas (tortillas with beans and cheese folded inside), chimol (a type of chunky salsa), and some sort of fried tortilla that was filled with cheese. It was really nice to have someone cook for us, as we were busy washing clothes, packing, and taking care of other last-minute items on the to-do list.

We also had Angelina and four of her children in the house with us. It was really great to have so many people there to say farewell. And to top it all off, they washed all of the dishes after dinner, cleaned out the fridge, and completely packed up all of our kitchen supplies for us. We plan to store all of those things in Trujillo, so we won't have to set up house every time we go for an extended stay. 

After everyone left, we were up late into the night finishing laundry and packing. We had heard that the campesinos would be blocking the road in Guadalupe Carney this morning, so we decided to get up really early to leave, in hopes of beating the protesters. We rolled out of Trujillo at about 4:30 am and were blesssed to have smooth sailing all the way to La Ceiba. We even arrived early enough to eat at Emilson's favorite pastalito restaurant before heading to the ferry. 

Again, we were blessed with a good trip on the ferry. Nobody got seasick and the weather was great. We arrived in Roatan at about 11:30, went to the grocery store, and came to the place where we are staying. The place is called Keifito's Plantation and it's a fabulous place. We are staying in little cabins up on a cliff overlooking the ocean. There is some really good snorkeling just at the bottom of the cliff. We enjoyed that for a couple of hours this afternoon. Tonight, we are going to walk to West End to eat out. I think I'll have a hamburger. Trujillo has great seafood, but Honduras in general isn't known for it's beef, and definitely not for hamburgers. Even though Roatan is Honduras, it's very different here. The islanders speak English (it's a former British territory) and there is much more money here due to the tourism.

We are looking forward to a few days here before heading back to the states on Saturday. As always, it was difficult to say good-bye to Trujillo. We miss our friends there so much when we are away. Of course, we are anxious to get home and see all of our loved ones there as well. Please pray for our continued safety and especially for the school and church in Trujillo that we serve.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

So long farewell....

MK couldn't keep her hands off of their baby puppy.  She named it for them "Run to" (it's from some book she read....of course...and was an Indian name meaning "fox eyes")
it's our last day in Trujillo.....
We aren't ready for it.  
We need to be packing but who has time for that?
We worshipped with the Eduardo Castillo congregation this morning.  John Mark invited 3 friends that came along too.   Then we headed to Dago's house to eat lunch.  It was great (of course!) and amazingly not fried.  Dago's blood pressure is high so they have changed their eating habits and such which was neat to see!  
now some friends of the kids are over to finish a sewing project and play (and eat popcorn)!  
Thad and Chad are about to run some errands including taking some pictures of the school's other property in another part of town. 

Then some of my friends are insisting on coming by to say goodbye and paint my nails ....they said they wanted them to look good for Roatan and for the states :-)  Honduras does a number on your toes for sure...walking on dirt roads in flip flops....and they want to make sure I'm 'presentable'   What wonderful friends I have...

then after that even more friends are coming with a cake...and the recipe for it so I can make it for my Daddy as he loves it (the pineapple upside down one Juanita made for the group a couple of years ago).  So Daddy....get ready hopefully I'll be able to recreate it for you :-)  

That's just the friends who have mentioned they are coming it looks like we will be up most of the night packing.  

We just rec'd a call that the plan is that the roads might be blocked starting at 4am.  We'll see what happens.  If that is the campesinos plan we will have to leave earlier than that to beat the roadblock.  Our plan was already to leave at we'll just see what comes.  Perhaps if we leave super early we'll be so sleepy on the ferry we won't get sick like last year....that would be nice!!!  

UPDATE on baby Rosa can be seen at Brian and Sara's blog: