Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saying Goodbye

By now, many of you have heard from loved ones and know that we are in San Pedro Sula. just FYI if you haven't heard from your loved one...don't take great's those that can get internet access on their phones that were able last night to email and such.  And not even all of them.  
Anyway we made it to San Pedro Sula with no problems.  We're about to go eat b'fast in the hotel and then head for a quick stop at a market a block away.  Then it's off to the airport to begin our journey's home!!   Thank you for all of your prayers and love while we've all been away!!

Irlinda (she teaches in the school) came the night before we left to paint toenails.
She was there til midnight painting away.  

Jennifer getting some sweet love

One class after receiving their futbol socks (boys) and dresses (girls)

eating at a family's home.  Precious precious family!!

We're really proud of this wall!!!!

Fun together in the hotel

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