Friday, May 29, 2009

a bit late....sorry

Thought I'd share some pictures of our trip this spring to Trujillo. Our big task while we were there was to take all the school pictures of the students to send to the sponsors. For the first time ever we ended up with all but TWO kids pictures. One was sick the week we were there and the other was traveling. WOW!! We had such a great trip (as usual)!!! Hope you enjoy a few of our million pictures!

as part of their home ec. class the older students prepare (As in make the tortillas from scratch FYI) snacks and sell them at recess each day. They have really started to get into it. This day they all dressed up as chefs, had nice baskets and walked around selling! It was great fun...and who can turn down a fresh baleada?? YUMMMMM!!!
L-R Santiago, Fernando & Candido. The Bible class teachers at the school and local ministers
a student working during art class. Look close you will see tinkerbell!

The teachers had a feast for us the last day we were in town...oh my goodness. On the left are Honduran style enchiladas (YUM!) , in the middle are tacos (yes that's what they call tacos and they are SOOO delicious - here most would know them as flautas or taquitos), and on the right is a chicken salad type dish in a pretty toast bowl. We had cake, pineapple cookies, etc....They were so good to us and made us feel so special. It truly was all incredibly delicious.

before leaving town we met up one last time with Alfonso to see one of his work sites and learn more about the work this mission is doing. It is to put clean water & latrines into poor communities. this building is a water filtration building in a village. It was really interesting!

A local soccer club here in Georgia donated enough awesome Adidas soccer/futbol jerseys for each student and teacher. It would be an understatement to say that they really liked them!!
attempting to get the class to make silly faces...ha ha!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Earthquake 5/28

IMAGED ADDED: click on it to link to a blog article with info on the earthquake and latest status of things.

also the missionary family who live and work in Trujillo at Little Hands Big Hearts has a few posts on THEIR BLOG as well, one after driving around Trujillo to check on all the families they serve. How wonderful to know that all are okay!
Most of you may have already heard that there was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake near the island of Roatan this morning.
It was felt all along to coast where we travel in Honduras. We have heard from Emilson and Brian and Sara (missionaries at Little Hands Big Hearts) in Trujillo and everyone there is okay.
There was an initial Tsunami alert issued, but that has since been cancelled.

There is a medical team from Mississippi scheduled to make the trip to Trujillo in one week. At present the reports are that the bridge between San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba is closed due to some fissures and for further inspection.
Please pray it is repaired quickly so that the group is able to get through with few difficulties. And of course remember in prayer those in Honduras that are dealing with the effects of the earthquake.

We thank you for all of your care and support for the work in Trujillo

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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We've added a new option on the right side of the blog in preparation for the summer trips. Our family leaves for Trujillo on June 24th and will be in Honduras until August 8th. During that time, we will have Christians from Washington State, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arizona and Georgia working together to glorify God in Trujillo.
Internet is sketchy at times in Trujillo, as you might know from reading the blog during our trip last year so often people were checking the blog and we'd not been able to post any news. By becoming a "follower" you will be notified as soon as a new story has been posted to the blog.

April Report from TCS

Dear Sponsors,

Greetings to everyone in the Lord's love and peace elaborate on each heart. It is gratifying to announce the good that happens about every child in school. And thanks to all that is still possible with the valuable help of our North American brothers. 

Once again it is gratifying to notice the advantages that our heavenly Father gives his children every day. We continue this hard work with dedication, diligence, dedication, love to every child in school every day we are committed to providing quality education in the lives of our Honduran brothers. It is no exception without the support of our brothers in the United States that with every letter, picture we receive in the mail box every month and every time a child receives a postcard, letter or gift from our brothers sponsoring them put a huge smile on his face with great joy, and happiness.

In the month of April 2009, our students enjoyed a holiday week from April 04 to April 12. These are due to the holiday tradition in Latin countries such as ours are celebrating the Easter season. So our students come to visit family, field trips, rivers, beaches, etc.. It is a moment in which from that time almost everywhere in the country enjoying the national holiday.

School activities are going well in all aspects of education and thanks to God and we will finish the fourth month of classes this year and provided with all the efforts of our sponsors, teachers and administrative staff in schools who make such a noble work of education. On March 28 we made in local schools, Bible classes for all our students and faculty. This activity is carried out since 2007 for the spiritual strengthening of each child and teacher. The mission is to help households in each heart, and spread the seed of the gospel on anyone who is part of our institution. 

Teachers now start to carry out activities such as cleaning the school, painting classrooms, collecting aid for the celebration of Mother’s Day (May 10th) and many of them are enthusiastic about the activity. Some teachers in seventh to ninth grades are employed in polished concrete walls in the multipurpose building for the event in which all our appreciable mothers benefit with snacks and drinks in her honor.

Thanks to all our beloved brothers in the United States who still making of the education a reality for many spiritual and lives in Trujillo. Every day we pray to our heavenly Father for spill rich and abundant blessings in the life of each friend and brother, who sponsors the school.

Thank very much for your valuable assistance brothers.


Students and staff employees

ASOCRIDE, Honduras