Friday, August 22, 2008

prayers of praise

Emilson's brother, Julio, was in an accident this past week. He was taken to the hospital but is doing well and gaining strength. We thank God for this!! Also we are praying that the bread company whose truck caused the accident will accept fault and cover the expenses.

In regards to an update to the tragedy in the Guadalupe Carney area. Thankfully, no more killings have occured. Many of the residents (those that were squatting the land) that have been in Guadalupe Carney for many years have moved away for fear of more trouble. Please continue to pray for peaceful resolutions to these issues.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prayers for peace

(photos from the protest breaking up along the road while we were there)

We have learned of a tragedy that occurred in Trujillo on Sunday. We have been trying to get as much information as possible. There is a squatters community on the road leading to Trujillo called Guadalupe Carney. Some of you that have been to Trujillo may have visited there to do evangelizing or purchased things in the "Made in Honduras" shop where many residents of Guadalupe Carney make and sell their crafts.
On Sunday the anger over the land rights took a new level and 12 people (residents of Guadalupe Carney) were killed.

This is upsetting to all that live in Trujillo as it is a usually a very peaceful town. The Honduran government plans to send police to keep order. Please pray for that peace to be achieved quickly!

Here is a link to a brief write up about it, but it was also on the cover of Monday's La Prensa (Honduras newspaper) which you can look up online and was posted on Reuters and with the Associated Press.

We thank you for your prayers

edited to students at Trujillo Christian were involved or hurt. I know of several students grandparents that live in Guadalupe Carney, but they were not hurt either.