Friday, April 3, 2009

March update (pictures to come from our visit)

Trujillo, March 19 2009

Dear Sponsors:

Once again it is gratifying to notice the advantages that our heavenly Father gives his children every day. We continue this hard work with diligence & dedication to every child in school. Every day we are committed to providing quality education in the lives of our Honduran brothers.
And this month is no exception. Without the support of our brothers in the United States that with every letter, photograph we receive in the mail box every month and every time a child receives a postcard, letter or gift from our brothers sponsoring them put a huge smile on his face with great joy and jump, to burn her in the classroom and they say, I have a gift! It's indescribable emotion that children reflect. And all thanks to the support of the good-hearted people who for 16 years help ASOCRIDE.

This month to be exact we celebrate "Father's Day" March 19th at school and we work with each parent in celebration of our students and where they share snacks and drinks to make every parent to know how valuable it is for us and they trust the school to send their children to receive a Christian and secular education. So in our country is recognized in all public and private schools holding our fathers in general.

Also we will have the visit from Atlanta, GA in a small group of our brothers who are in charge of the school here for operation of schools in Honduras. Our brothers come to get pictures of each of our students, some work like letters, and personal data from children to the sponsors. And without this valuable work we could not achieve the goals and achievements outlined in the school. It is an excellent work there in Atlanta that the brothers perform for the school to continue its spiritual education.
Thank you very much for the spiritual and material cooperation in which each month with great enthusiasm and performed well in this way are a great link in the chain of love and evangelism we call ASOCRIDE.

We ask for prayer because we want to do the best work every day. God bless each good heart.

Your brother in Christ,

Emilson Paz

“Instruye al niƱo en su camino, y aun cuando fuere viejo no se apartara de el”. Proverbios 22:6