Monday, November 3, 2008


The picture below came from a peace corp volunteer in Trujillo

Collapsed bridge over Rio Chapagua
This picture is from the La Prensa News of the devastation to farmland, etc
The picture below was taken by a friend of ours. A missionary who works with a Church organization called Little Hands Big Hearts. We've mentioned Brian and Sara and the work they do for the special needs children of Trujillo before. Right now they are working tirelessly to help the citizens of Trujillo as they all weather this rainy season together. This is the road out of Trujillo.
be in prayer for Brian, Sara, Alyssa, Jeffrey, Maybelline and all of those doing what they can to help! Also pray for our teachers, students, adminstrators, etc at the school. As of a message from Emilson today there is no fuel and little food in Trujillo (trucks can't get there). The picture above is the main road just outside of Trujillo on the way to Tacoa (the one way in and out), also bridges along the way from the main cities are being reported as being washed away. The current situation is being compared to Hurricane Mitch as far as damage to the country. Here is a news article that will give you better info:
Brian and Sara are updating their blog as they are able
Here is a piece I took from it:
"It sounds like Niagra Falls all the time. We have not had much of a break in the rain since yesterday. Last night Brian, Jeffery and a few others took more soup over to the shelter. They went room to room talking about the Lord and handing out Bibles. One per family was the plan, but some young people insisted that they receive one because their families weren't there. A group of teens sat around and took turns reading to each other out of the Bible we had given them. How exciting to not only feed them physically, but more importantly, spiritually!"

We thank all of you for praying for the people in Honduras. We will update with any further information as we get it.
Also an update on Senor V. We are so grateful for the prayers. Emilson, Santiago and Candido and others drove to San Pedro a couple of weeks ago to meet with and visit him. he had been worshipping with a local congregation in Trujillo and studying with the ministers for some time before he got sick. When they visited with him he asked to be immersed in baptism!! What wonderful news! As far as his physical health, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and the last update was he was being sent to Teguc for more testing, but the Drs at that time were just keeping him as comfortable as possible with pain meds. Again we thank you for your prayers!