Saturday, July 3, 2010

pictureless update

okay I need desperately to get ready to go...or we'll be late to pick everyone up to go for our field trips today.  So when they get home and talk about how we were late in the mornings be sure to explain it was all for you could see or hear about their work here!!  :-)

Since I got some pictures to upload I wanted to just give an update of our efforts here since lack of time...and internet connectivity have kept me from posting the last few days.

We are all doing FANTASTIC! 
Truly.  So much so, that we had scheduled a team that had worked hard the day before to have some down time and rest time at the hotel yesterday morning, and first thing that morning our phone rang here at our house and it was someone saying “just a heads up no one that is schedule for rest time wants to, they want to work!!”   
I mean really…wow!!  What an amazing group of people we are blessed to be serving alongside! 

So we reworked the schedule and happily factored those folks back into work projects!! 

Several have VOLUNTEERED to get up with Walter and Daddy & be at the school this morning by 6am to work some more on the wiring and ceiling they are working hard to complete.  Let me tell you, it was amazing with all the new fans Walter (AL) and Aaron (MS), Daddy (GA) and team have installed and the eave vent/fans that we brought and have been started....just how cool that building in the school is now.   Wow!!!!!  Last night sitting in there even with standing room only at our campaign it was getting a little cold for me amazingly! 

Speaking of our campaign…..God is GREAT!  As I said, it was packed. 
We had taken our van out to an area called “Honduras Aguan” where the Mision del Caribe church is.  The minister out there, Santiago, planned to bring his truck as well.  It had looked like a storm was coming and rained just a little so they thought that would be PLENTY of car space to get everyone here as they thought some wouldn't because of the threat of rain.  But the church members out there invited neighbors and relatives just as they had talked about the importance of…..and 23 people loaded into our 15 passenger van and more than that were packed like sardines standing in the back and crammed inside the cab of Santiago’s truck.  10 people or more were not able to get here….sigh….so tonight we are arranging for another vehicle to drive out there and perhaps more trips 

We had a ladies class taught by Evelyn (The principal at the school) and translated by Maybelline (the director or Little Hands Big Hearts).  Then, a Men’s class taught by Ricky (minister at the West Metro church in Georgia) and a children’s class planned and taught by our North American and Honduran young people that are college age…ish..  It all went wonderfully.  The topic for last night was living as a Christian Woman/Man    God’s expectations are the same for Christians in North America and in Honduras so it applied to ALL of our lives!  It was a blessing to share in a class with my Christian sisters!!!
Tonight the men and women will be together and the lesson will be taught by Dago (one of the church leaders here), and then tomorrow for worship Ricky will be preaching. 
Please, if you will, keep these efforts in your prayers. 

This afternoon a group will join the Limonal congregation to do some evangelizing and also inviting to the meeting tonight.  Another group will head out here to Little Hands where ladies from the Buenos Aires congregation will be teaching our ladies/girls to wash clothes in a pila (I'll take pictures don't worry)  meaning by hand with a washboard.  We will be washing all the clothes we plan to donate that we've been wearing so that Monday we can get those distributed!  Then tonight after dinner it's night 2 of the campaign....another blessed day here in Honduras serving a loving Savior!!!  

Your families are blessing me each day….I thank you for sharing them with us and with our Honduran brother and sisters!!!


Anonymous said...

Good morning all!!! Just wanted to pass along a message and let you know you guys are in our thoughts and prayers .....

Muuahhh to my sunshine girl --- aka Jess P.!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pictures are wonderful! Thanks for the update as we look forward to hearing how your lights continue to shine!


Stacy Gray said...

Ok, so I'm smiling and weeping at the same time as I see the faces of my family - smiling because they are smiling and weeping because I miss them so much! Thank you, Rachel, for the pictures and the updates. They mean the world to those of us back home. May God continue to bless all of you richly!!

Leslie Inman said...

It sounds as though this group has been fantastic! What a blessing to the school! Thanks for spending part of your summer there and for all the work you are doing. We here in Richand will be praying for you all! God Bless YOU!!!!

Teri Z said...

Hello to all, from Kansas! Hooray for all of us at home to get the updates and see some pictures today!! Thank you Raquel! Looks like a great week you all are having! Here in Kansas, my time hasn't been nearly as productive:-( Tomorrow is "all in one" Sunday--I think in the south, you call it "church-eat-church", and then we'll go somewhere around here to watch the fireworks--nothing as great as what you all are doing! Miss you, Kenz, and look forward to hearing about all the great experiences you are having! love ya, mom

Lori B said...

Thankyou Rachel, for your updates and Pablo, for your instructions for "travelproofing" our loved ones' stomachs!
Laura & Melissa, Harley is going room to room howling every day-I keep telling him you're not home, but he doesn't listen! Melissa, I hope your 1st plane ride (& anyone else's 1st!) was exciting, but not scary! I miss all of y'all from our church family here and keep you in my prayers.Melissa, Adam helped w/ Bible Class-everyone was able to say "Mephibosheth"-amazing!-but Chase would prefer if "The Giant" was in every verse of every chapter! I hate to disappoint but I'm sure y'all miss the little ones about as much as we miss you! Nelda & the guys are "stranded" in SC waiting on a military hop (they've been bumped).
Rachel, all of your pics are appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Happy to see everyone. Looks like lots of good work going on. Thanks for the updates and pictures. You're in our prayers. Monica Spencer - Tupelo, MSwriz (Annina's mom)

Rachel Lindsey said...

Happy to hear the updates and LOVED seeing the photos! Happy to see my best buddies doing well! I miss and love you Jenn and Jeremy!! Love, Rachel

kdavenpo7 said...

It's so great to see pictures this post. Savanna, Katie, Jessica and Raquel - you all look refreshed sitting around the table there. I hope you are finding plenty of rest time just like that each day. Tori and C.J. are missing Savanna. They enjoyed the pictures. To All: Have a wonderful Fourth of July!! Savanna, we will miss you at the parade tomorrow. We love you! Mom and K-Man

Kim D.